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In our quest to always bring you the very best equipment, Belkorp Ag is happy to carry equipment made by Oxbo International. Oxbo specializing in making high quality equipment for niche applications, such as grape, olive and coffee harvesting. They are committed to constantly innovating and helping producers bring the highest quality yields by providing the best equipment and latest technology on the market.

Grape Harvesters

Oxbo makes a full lineup of grape harvesters, with models to fit any application. All are designed with a soft-touch bow rod picking system, to minimize canopy impact and protect fruit quality. Some, like the 6120 Grape Harvester, are built to handle steep terrain. The all-wheel hydrostatic drive and low mounted engine help it maintain stability and power delivery while climbing and descending hills. Others, like the 3130 Grape Harvester are designed to operate in tight spaces with a narrow turning radius. If you prefer a tow behind harvester, the 316XL will be more your speed.

Coffee Harvesters

Inspired by the legendary Korvan harvesters in use in Brazil, the Oxbo 9200 Series of coffee harvesters can provide production of almost 45% higher than the competition. This is due in large part to the 9200 Series auger style conveyor, rather than a belt feed style. In addition, this harvesters also feature a larger picking tunnel, larger recycling bin and a pin-wheel leaf agitator to produce a faster harvest and cleaner cherry.

Sprayers and Spreaders

Oxbo also makes a number of sprayers and spreaders. Their experience and innovation in the application market has made them one of the largest and most successful dealer networks in the world for front boom, high clearance sprayers. Their 7550 and 7650 sprayers feature high capacity tanks and a wide variety of boom widths, from 90 to 120 feet. Set up with built in crop guides and narrower fenders, these sprayers gently divert crops, reducing damage.

Regardless of what crop your harvesting, Oxbo International makes the niche harvesters and sprayers you need for the unique nature of your operation. Contact Belkorp Ag today to talk with our sales staff and find the exact match and machine for you.