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Powerful. Efficient. High Quality. Advanced. Belkorp Ag is excited to announce the launch of the new 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters. John Deere took it up a notch with these machines… a big notch.

When forage harvesting needs to be done, we know timing is critical. You invest in seed technology to maximize yield, quality and profit- so the harvest crew has to be on their A-game in order to keep feed quality high. That’s why John Deere’s new 9000 Series Forage Harvesters are taking things to the next level.

It all starts with a new 24-liter V12 engine in the three largest 9000 Series models. We’re talking sheer power. Get up to 959 horsepower, or 970 PS. Not only do these new machines increase throughput because of the additional power, they also work 10% more efficiently. This means you have the ability to harvest up to 400 tons of corn per hour with the 9900, while delivering better fuel economy per ton. This helps you achieve lower operating costs and longer run time between fuel fills.

The power in the back of this machine is matched with the capacity up front. This high-performance harvesting package features the new 772 12-row Big Drum Corn Header that builds on our legacy of rotary headers. With six big drums, this header devours a corn field at about seven tons per minute, and it takes in enough crop to fill a semi in under four minutes.

With more power and capacity, Deere still made sure high-quality crop comes out of the spout. The new extreme kernel processor will handle the wear and tear that comes with more horsepower. It delivers optimal corn silage processing regardless of the length it cut, and you know better-quality silage means increased feed efficiency as well as reduced feeding costs.

We also offer a new-and-improved 9 Series Windrow Pickup. It’s built stronger to keep pace with the new higher-horsepower 9000 Series models. For those wanting to direct-cut crop, the Zürn Profi Cut 700 is still an available option. You still get industry-leading, fully-integrated technology solutions including AutoTrac, RowSense and Active Fill Control, which now has rear unloading. Plus, you’re not able to use the 4640 Universal Display as an extended monitor. In addition, nothing else on the market compares to HarvestLab 3000 in terms of moisture sensing and yield monitoring accuracy.

In the field, you’ll get data to help determine if it’s time to harvest, how much inoculate to apply, and it can automatically adjust the length of cut based on moisture. Back at the office, you can evaluate yield maps to help make seeding and fertilizer decisions for next season. It also gives you the ability to easily share collected data through the operations center with your trusted advisors.

Finally, all Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters come from the factory with John Deere Connected Support. That includes a 5-year JDLink subscription, and a full year of JDLink connect with wireless data transfer. This gives you valuable machine health monitoring and fleet management tools such as remote display access and service advisor remote.

The pressure is always on to get the crop out at peak maturity and produce high-quality silage. Whether you’re a custom operator, dairy or beef producer, the new 9000 Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters will help you bring your A-game with increased throughput, lower fuel costs, higher-quality feed, and better data.

To learn more about the new 9000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters, stop at one of our 7 Belkorp Ag locations or give us a call at (866) 709-4733. We would love to make you part of the Belkorp Ag family!

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