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When you’re working in the field, tilling a garden or just trying to knock out some home projects; chances are you’ll find yourself running into some questions from time to time. If you ever find yourself asking “How do I do that?” or “How does this work?”, our team here at Belkorp Ag has a fantastic resource for you. It’s called Tips Notebook, and it’s a how-to website that was launched by John Deere along with Frontier Equipment.

Tips Notebook was created to be a tool for customers looking for the information they need to take on new projects with their John Deere and Frontier equipment. It’s a convenient, trustworthy, one-stop resource for all the best tips, ideas and collective wisdom about how to get jobs done around your property. On TipsNotebook.com, you can find helpful articles and videos on how to tackle a number of different property jobs and projects. You’ll find instructions and product information on a range of topics from mowing to fence building to water control and beyond.

Most importantly, Tips Notebook is made up of the stuff the customers really want to know. It was born out of conversations with real customers about the information they wanted when working with their equipment. Overwhelmingly, customers wanted tips and ideas about ways to maintain and improve their property and get the most out of their equipment. Read on to see a few examples of what you can find on Tips Notebook.

How To Free A Tractor Stuck In The Mud

Uh-oh! Even though you were being careful and using good operating procedures, you find yourself and your tractor stuck in the mud with an implement attached. Now what? Well, in a situation like this one, you have a few things to consider if you want to get anywhere and avoid damage to yourself or your machine. Fortunately, the brains behind Tips Notebook thought ahead and created a guide for situations like this one. Check it out: https://bit.ly/2L2oiVB

How To Use A Manure Fork

Tips Notebook covers a range of topics specific to all kinds of John Deere equipment owners. Not everyone needs a manure fork, for example. But if you have livestock or animals of any kind, then you definitely have to deal with the issue of manure. If you own horses, that probably means you have to deal with it in the hay and on the floor in your barn, as well. Don’t worry, Tips Notebook has a tip for that! Check out the youtube video or read the article for some helpful tips on how to use a manure fork as well as how to compost and use your hay later on: https://bit.ly/2Bl1dxP

How To Store Off-Season Equipment

John Deere is never out of season, but sometimes certain machines are. It’s important to know how to properly prepare for storing your equipment over an extended period of time, even if it’s just a few months. That requires cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your equipment as best you can. If you’re not sure what steps to take before you put your hard-working machines in hibernation mode, hop over to Tips Notebook and take a look at their checklist: https://bit.ly/2OKdkqa

There’s a lot more where those came from, too. Tips Notebook is an excellent resource for getting started on using new equipment and tackling home projects. You can start there, then come see us here at Belkorp Ag to get more in-depth with our service and sales professionals. Stop by one of our 7 Belkorp Ag locations or give us a call at (866) 709-4733. We would love to make you part of the Belkorp Ag family!

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