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At Belkorp Ag, we are committed to equipping producers with every tool they need to get the job done. When it comes to orchard and vineyard operations, we have tools that are designed to be heavy duty, durable, and serviceable in most farm shops. Below, we will highlight some features of the Rears Manufacturing product line.

The folks over at Rears have been servicing and manufacturing specialty sprayers since 1949. Whether it’s air blast sprayers, booms or custom equipment, you can rely on their products. Today we’re going to focus on Air Blast Sprayers, Flail Mowers, and some of their custom equipment.

Air Blasts Sprayers

Air Blast sprayers, also known as air-carrier sprayers, generate large quantities of air to atomize water and pesticide as it leaves the nozzle, in order to achieve maximum canopy coverage. Rears has several types of air blast sprayers, but today, we’d like to take a closer look at the Power Blast.

The Power Blast features an in-house designed fan and stainless steel fan housing. Fan blades are aggressively flared at the tips to maximize air volume, more so than a single variable pitch fan. The two available fan diameters (33” and 38”)  have a wide range of blade pitches to maximize your tractor’s air moving power. The higher the pitch, the more horsepower needed.

We know fan design is a hot topic, but a fan that won’t spin is useless. Don’t worry, Rears has been using the patented Constant Velocity Hitch for more than 30 years. The CVHitch allows the PTO to keep running even through 90° turns using 55 series U-Joint Weasler® cross kits. The Powerblast will follow your tractor on any turn that it can make.

Between the fan and the PTO is the gearbox, which drives the fan, mechanical agitation, and pump system. Rears goes above and beyond, over designing with oversized gears and large diameter shafts.  They’ve used this Powerblast gearbox for more than 20 years.

The most exciting detail about the Powerblast is design and serviceability. These sprayers can be maintained by common farm shops. Rears has used commonly available and industry standard parts wherever they were able to — they even listed those part numbers in the manual!

Come visit one of many Belkorp locations and we can help you decide which model and type of sprayer will best fit your operation.

Flail Mowers

While tree and vine maintenance is a no-brainer in orchards and vineyards; caring for the undergrowth, as well as the soil, is probably equally important. Producers can implement cover crops to prevent erosion, add some organic matter, and help with soil aggregate structure. Flail mowers can be used to cut these cover crops, keeping them in the growth stage (to sequester more carbon), as well as chop up any dropped fruit and leaves. The flail mower keeps the organic material in the rows where it is best utilized.

As opposed to rotary cutters that use a rectangular, sharpened blade, flail mowers use a drum or shaft that is fixed horizontally and is parallel to the tractor’s rear axle.

Rears Manufacturing has a large variety of flails, mowers, and shredders. All with the same quality and attention to detail as the air blaster. From the SPF Flail to the Cane Shredder, Rears will be able to meet the needs of your operation.

Custom Equipment

Some operations have special circumstances that need special equipment. The team at Rears can consult with you to learn together if a project will be in the scope of their expertise. Design, welding, fabrication and painting are all done in-house.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Rears has to offer, you can do that at one of our 7 Belkorp Ag locations. Come check out the Rears Manufacturing line and learn more about some of our favorite pieces of equipment. We would love to make you part of the Belkorp Ag family!

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