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Belkorp Ag has always strived to bring you the best, most reliable equipment to meet your needs and stay productive on the job. We recognize that you put a great deal of trust in us as a supplier and we don’t take that trust lightly. With this in mind, we are proud to bring you a new line of forklifts that will be hitting our locations soon. 

If you’ve heard of Manitou Forklifts, then you know they developed the first all-terrain forklift way back in 1957. Ever since then they’ve been going strong in bringing you the very best forklifts for the most extreme conditions. No matter where you need to go, or what you need to carry, Manitou’s line of rugged forklifts can get you there. 

Starting with the base model M 30-2, the all terrain lifts are well equipped for the toughest job site. A 75 HP diesel engine can propel this forklift to over 6 mph. With a wheelbase of 6’8” and a width of 6’5”, the 30-2 can pull off a shocking turning radius of less than 11 feet. Combine all this with a lifting capacity of 6600 pounds, in just the base model, and it’s easy to see why Manitou is the go-to name in forklifts. 

If, somehow, this still isn’t enough lift for you, moving up the product range to the M 70-2 can see lifting capacities go as high as 15,000 pounds without sacrificing any of the maneuverability and efficiency of the smaller models. Look to the M 40-2 or 50-2 if you need something in the middle ranges. 

If you need to get a little more specialized, Manitou also offers a series of truck-mounted forklifts for when space is tight or you’re trying to make deliveries where a traditional loading bay may not be available or accessible. These convenient and reliable forklifts still offer up to 5500 pounds of lift while weighing as little as 5800 pounds, making them a breeze to transport. 

Whatever your need, Manitou has a forklift to fit your budget and Belkorp is happy to help you make that match. We’re honored that you’ve come to us for all your other equipment needs and are excited to bring you one more tool to keep you productive.

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