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If you’re in the market for a new tractor, we’re sure you’ve shopped around, compared prices, and taken some test drives. You also may have noticed that Mahindra tractors have a lower price tag than the John Deere tractors we sell.

But pricing is not the whole story. We put the John Deere 1 Family Compact Tractor to test against the Mahindra eMax to find out which would save you time and money in the long run. Here’s what we found.

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Hood Materials:

Every John Deere tractor has a rugged, fade-resistant hood that won’t dent or rest. It’s built to take on everything from falling rocks to tree branches. There are also openings on the side to let in cooling air and keep the noise level down. Mahindra tractors, on the other hand, have hoods made from reinforced steel, which is prone to both rust and fading.


Both the Mahindra eMax and John Deere 1 Family offer a hydrostatic transmission. However, the 1 Family offers the revolutionary Twin Touch pedals. Twin Touch pedals make it easy to switch from forward to reverse, with a natural movement of your foot. We can’t say the same for the eMax. The eMax uses a treadle pedal that requires you to lift your foot and leg to change directions. This system prevents you from making precise movements in tight areas.

Operator Comfort:

The John Deere 1 Family Series was designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. The operator station features a seat with armrests, a deep cupholder, an ergonomic floor mat, and plenty of legroom. The eMax doesn’t match up. It has a cluttered operator station, with the loader control blocking entry from the right side of the tractor. The John Deere 1 Family is also equipped with full-coverage rear fenders to protect you from mud and other debris. The eMax instead has wheel fenders that only cover half the width of the tire. Get ready for a mud bath!


Mahindra’s steering can’t hold a candle to John Deere’s tilt steering system. The steering wheel will tilt up and down and telescope in and out for precise operator positioning. This will allow your arms to rest in a more natural position, preventing fatigue. The eMax doesn’t even have this feature!


Once you start using the equipment, you’ll appreciate the oil cooled clutch in the John Deere 1 Family. To engage it, all you have to do is lift the PTO button. The engagement is consistently smooth, even with heavy loads. Plus, you can always engage while you’re on the move — no need to come to a stop. With the Mahindra eMax, you won’t get the same benefit. It has a dry PTO clutch, and you have to be careful not to slip the clutch too fast or you might break a shear pin.

Loader Capabilities:

The John Deere 1 Family has the best loader system on the market. The standard quick detach bucket takes just seconds to take off and lighten the load. John Deere knows how important your time is, so they’re not keen on wasting it. Mahindra doesn’t offer the same convenient feature.

In every nut and bolt and of the John Deere 1 Family Tractors, you’ll see quality engineering.

In fact, the John Deere 1 Family offers a number of features that either aren’t available or aren’t standard on the Mahindra eMax. A convenient cruise control option, protected steering components, high-quality materials and a whole lot more set the Deere apart from the herd. 

If you want to experience the John Deere difference for yourself, stop by one of our 7 Belkorp Ag locations or give us a call at (866) 709-4733. We would love to make you part of the Belkorp Ag family!