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If you own a tractor, whether it’s a sub-compact for use around your house or a row crop tractor for the farm, it’s important to perform regular maintenance checks to make sure your equipment stays in tip-top shape. The more you check in with your tractor, the more likely you are to avoid unexpected issues that could temporarily shut down your operations. Our experts here at Belkorp Ag came up with some key items to check off your list during do-it-yourself maintenance checks. Take a look below!

Check Your Lights

After you’ve given your tractor the initial once-over to make sure nothing looks obviously broken or worn out, take it a step further by testing out the lights. Yes, we do mean all the lights. Even if your tractor has a complex lighting system, it’s important to check everything from cab lights to turn signals. If you have even one burnt-out bulb, you could have a faulty fuse or another electrical issue. If you do discover an issue, our trusted Belkorp Ag service technicians can help you get everything running smoothly again.

Check Your Fluids

Checking your fluid levels should include fuel, engine oil, hydraulic fluids and coolant, along with any other fluids that might be present in your tractor. You can check with your Belkorp Ag technician if you aren’t sure how often to change the oil in your machine, but generally, a good rule of thumb is to change it about every 100 hours. Fill up or change out any other fluids that need it, or simply make a note for your next service appointment. If your tractor has any leaks that need to be immediately addressed, checking your fluid levels can alert you to those issues.

Check Your Filters

If your air filter is starting to look dark and dirty, it’s time to get it replaced. The air filter protects your engine from being destroyed by dirt and dust, so it’s extremely important to make sure your filter is not clogged up so it can properly do its job. Fuel filters serve a similar purpose, so be sure to change those out while you’re at it. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing- close off the fuel line and get familiar with all the correct protocols if you’re doing it all on your own. If you prefer to let the experts handle it, you can bring it to us here at Belkorp Ag.

Check Your Battery

The first thing you need to do when checking your battery is to examine it and make sure nothing appears to be corroded. From there you can clean the battery and measure its voltage levels. If your battery’s fluid levels are down, you can attempt to recharge by refilling with distilled water. If the battery level is still low, it might need to be replaced. Your local Belkorp Ag service tech can take a look and assess the situation for you. Just give us a call!

Check Belts, Hoses, Wheels & Tires

Your tractor’s engine relies on its belts and hoses to perform correctly, so it’s crucial to make sure they stay in good shape. If you notice any cracking, glazing or any other damage, it’s probably time for an update. Look over your wheels and tires while you’re at it, too. Make sure they look good with no loose lug nuts or bolts. Check your tire pressure and compare it with the recommended tire pressure rating. Your tractor’s tires might not need to be replaced for a long time, but if you’re driving around with under-inflated tires, you can ruin them much faster and burn a lot more fuel while you’re at it.

Clean Your Tractor

There’s something about rolling up in a shiny, clean tractor that just feels good, but the importance of cleaning your tractor goes way beyond that. Keeping your equipment clean helps prevent damage and helps make sure that you will be able to identify any potential problems as they arise. It keeps debris from building up and hurting the inside of your tractor and keeps it running better overall.

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