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John Deere 1025R for Sale in the Central Valley | Belkorp Ag

The John Deere 1025R offers breathtaking versatility and legendary John Deere performance in a tractor that’s small enough to park next to your car. The 1025R doesn’t stop there, however. It’s also outfitted with a number of features and a selection of options designed to increase comfort and reduce fatigue. This is an important factor to consider with the central valleys long, hot summers and mild winters. So come into Belkorp Ag today if you’re looking for a John Deere 1025R for sale in the Central Valley.

The 1025R starts with a bulletproof powertrain. The 25 hp engine is run through a hydrostatic, 2 range transmission that’s controlled via TwinTouch pedals. Unlike standard heel-toe operation, the Twin Touch pedals allow the operator to change directions by swapping between two pedals, improving control and reducing fatigue. This is built into a larger, wider frame that improves stability and power delivery to the ground. 

The versatility of the 1025R is on full display with the standard 3 point hitch and independent PTO. This allows the 1025R to attach a full range of standard implements, from a backhoe to rotary brooms, to even a woodchipper. If you want increased convenience, you can opt into the iMatch Quick-Hitch system that makes attaching and detaching implements as easy as simply reversing up to them. This allows you to change implements quickly between jobs and get more work done, rather than spend so much time just trying to get ready to work. 

This rear hitch system is matched by the Quik-Park loader mounting system for the front loaders. Not only can these front mount loaders handle 955 pounds with a lift height of 72 inches, but they also attach quickly and easily for smooth transitions between projects.


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The operator station is where the 1025R really shines, though. The step-through design platform, tilt steering wheel and movable armrests make getting into and out of the tractor easy. Standard rubber floor mats serve to decrease vibration and noise while a 12v outlet is conveniently placed to let you charge whatever electronics you may have with you. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the optional fully enclosed cab. Perfect for keeping bugs and dust out, the cab also provides easy shade during the scorching summers. 

The 1025R is the perfect tractor for homeowners looking to step up their landscaping game and do it in style and comfort. The endless versatility and thoughtful design make this the premier lawn and garden tool for the serious landowner. Swing in to you local Belkorp Ag store today and let our salespeople show you everything this outstanding tractor has to offer.