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John Deere 1023E for sale in Sacramento | Belkorp Ag

The John Deere 1023E is the perfect solution for an ambitious homeowner looking to maximize their ability to tackle chores and projects around the house. This capable subcompact combines the versatility of a tractor with the nimbleness of a ride on mower. If you’re looking for a John Deere 1023E for sale in Sacramento, then come by Belkorp Ag today and check out all this tractor has to offer.


All the capability of the 1023E starts with the 23 hp engine and hydrostatic transmission. This combination allows for smooth, seamless transition and change of direction with the easy and comfortable TwinTouch Pedal design. This setup removes the need to heel toe a single pedal which makes projects that require quick and frequent back and forth movement much easier. 

This ease of use is built into every aspect of the 1023E. While the tractor come standard with a rear 3 point hitch, the iMatch Quick-Hitch system can be equipped. This system sets the 1023E up to attach rear implements quickly and easily, without you ever having to leave your seat. The front loader mounting system is equally as easy, with attaching and detaching a loader taking less than 5 minutes and requiring no tools or heavy lifting.


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When it comes time to mow, the 1023E makes attaching the mower deck easier than all the rest. The AutoConnect system allows you to attach the mower deck by driving over it. You just have to put the tractor in low range, engage the all wheel drive system and lower the attaching system. Drive over the deck and wait for it to attach. Then lock it in place and drive off. No need to ever leave the tractor.

The 1023E is even set up to allow you to attach multiple implements at once while still operating the tractor. If your day involves backhoe digging, then loading and moving the dirt somewhere else and then mowing, you can attach all those implements in the morning and then go about your way without worry that one is going to interfere with the other. 

The 1023E is truly designed to help the homeowner realize all their landscaping and land management dreams. It’s an economical, easy to use, extremely versatile machine built with legendary John Deere attention to detail. Drop by your local Belkorp Ag location today and let our experienced staff show you everything that this tractor can do for you.