John Deere 1023E for Sale in Madera, CA


John Deere 1023E for Sale in Madera, CA

John Deere 1023E
Getting the tractor you need to do your daily chores shouldn’t be difficult, which is why Belkorp Ag is selling John Deere 1023E Compact Utility Tractors. We understand working in agriculture isn’t just a hobby in Madera, CA, it is a way of life. We are confident the 1023E can make your life easier. These tractors were designed to plow through your to-do lists with ease. With features you are sure to love, these CUTs are the perfect addition to your property.

Comfortable Operator’s Station

The operator’s station on these tractors were designed with your comfort in mind. With easy-to-grab handrails on each fender, you can easily climb on to the tractor without worrying about losing your balance. Once on the tractor, the operator station is spacious with calculated control placement to make operating the tractor both convenient and comfortable, as well as having a flat floorboard to make entering and exiting the tractor a seamless process. Equipped with a sloping hood and a front-horizontal exhaust, these tractors provide you with great visibility.


Twin-TouchTM Foot Controls

Control the speed and direction of the tractor with just the push of a pedal. John Deere’s Twin TouchTM pedals are perfect for jobs where you need to quickly change directions, such as when you are working with a mower or loader. These pedals are designed where you have a forward and a reverse pedal, to avoid ankle fatigue that can be caused by having one pedal that controls both forward and reverse. You also do not have hassle with clutching every time you need to change directions or speeds. It is literally as easy as a push of a pedal.


Hassle Free Implement Changing

When creating the 1023E Compact Utility Tractors, John Deere wanted to make them as operator friendly as possible. They were designed to make working hassle free. With that in mind, they designed the Front Quik-TatchTM and the iMatchTM Quick Hitch. The Front Quik-TatchTM allows you to quickly change between from implements. The iMatchTM Quick Hitch attaches to the three point arms on the back of the tractor to make hooking rear attachments easy and stress free. The 1023E tractors also are compatible with John Deere’s AutoConnectTM Drive-over mower decks. This mower deck takes less than 5 minutes to connect and disconnect from, and can all be done from the comfort of your seat.


Four-wheel Drive and Power Steering

Equipped with 4WD and Power steering, the 1023E tractors are ready to get working. These tractors are narrow enough to fit into close quarters that other tractors can’t but wide enough to have give you great stability. The power steering on these tractors makes driving almost effortless compared to driving a manual steering tractor.
John Deere 1023E Loader


You have a to-do list and Belkorp Ag has a tractor to get it done! At Belkorp Ag, we value our customers and our relationship with you doesn’t end when you make a purchase. We will stick by your side and are only a phone call away when tractor needs arise. Let us be a part of your tractor family!

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