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John Deere 1023E for Sale in Fresno | Belkorp Ag

John Deere’s 1 Series tractors offer an incredible amount of can-do in a small, manageable package. When you just need to dig out a small flower bed or haul a few pallets of sod, you don’t need a full sized tractor but you’re not going to want to do it by hand either. That’s where the 1 Series comes in and the 1023E is John Deere’s no fuss, no frills answer to your landscaping needs. If you’re looking for a John Deere 1023E for sale in Fresno then look no further than Belkorp Ag.


The strength of the 1023E lies in its commitment to doing the fundamentals and doing them well. This starts with the powerful and durable 23 hp engine and hydrostatic transmission. This is operated via TwinTouch pedal control that gives the operator separate pedals for forward and reverse, rather than having to rely on heel-toe operation to change directions. This simple design not only reduces fatigue but improves durability. 

The 1023E comes standard with a 3 point rear hitch and independent PTO. This allows the 1023E to hook up and run a vast array of standard implements. This sets the tractor up well to handle just about any project you can throw at it. Whether you need a tiller, backhoe, box blades, or any other implement, the 1023E can attach and run it. 

This can be made even easier by opting into the iMatch Quick-Hitch system. This revolutionary implement attachment system takes all the hassle out of attaching implements. You simply reverse up to compatible implements and let the automated system take over. Less time hopping in and out of the tractor, more time getting stuff done.

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Speaking of saving time, when it’s time to mow the 1023E connects it’s mid mount mower deck automatically. You just have to drive over it and let the AutoConnect system take over. Just drop the transmission into range A, throw it into 4 wheel drive, lower the mount system and drive right up and over the deck. Listen for a couple clicks that indicate its connected, lock the gauge wheels and off you go. All without ever having to leave your seat. 

The John Deere 1023E is the perfect tractor for the homeowner looking for a basic, no nonsense solution for their landscaping needs. The 1023E offers remarkable versatility in an affordable, easy to own package that’s compact enough to fit in your garage. If you’re looking for a John Deere 1023E for sale in Fresno, come by Belkorp Ag today.