5115M Orchard Tractors with PF9 Key Dollar Cab


5115M Orchard Tractors with PF9 Key Dollar Cab

Imagine having a tractor that breezes through orchard chores and a cab that protects you from the branches as you’re working. Now, what if you didn’t have to imagine this dream duo anymore? What if you could just drive to your local Belkorp Ag dealership, pick it up, and take it to your orchard- or even better, have it delivered? Belkorp Ag is selling John Deere 5115M Orchard Tractors with PF9 Key Dollar Cabs. We understand how important it is for you to have equipment you can depend on to get the job done. We also understand it doesn’t feel very good to take a branch across the face.

5115M Orchard Tractor with PF9 Key Cab

John Deere 5115M - Key Features

  • Power - As many have come to expect from John Deere tractors, 5115Ms have powerful engines and heavy duty transmissions that were built to withstand day in and day out operations. The tractors have the power and torque you need to pull through the toughest situations without ever breaking stride.
  • Heavy Duty Frame - These tractors are built to be put to work. The heavy duty axles make the 5115M tractors great for navigating rough field conditions and providing you with the stability you need. The heavy cast iron design of the frames makes these tractors heavy and stable, which is great for doing loader work and using three-point implements.
  • Connectability - You want a tractor that you can quickly attach implements to? Say no more. The three point hitches on these tractors work like a dream. They have adjustable sway bars, various ball hitch sizes, and telescoping draft links. Using the three point arms gets even easier when you attach John Deere’s iMatch Quick Hitch. This hitch always you to quickly back up and attach your rear implements.

PF9 Key Dollar Cab - Key Features

  • Compact - The PF9 Key Dollar Cab was designed specifically for John Deere’s 5115M tractors, which means they fit together perfectly. The cabs are sleek and narrow. They have an overall height of 91” and a tapered width of 28” at the narrowest point. At Key Dollar Cab, they understand how important it is to protect you from the branches in your orchard but also keep the crop from getting damaged in the process.
  • Quality - From 100% laser cut stainless steel to ½” orchard glass for the windows, these cabs don’t slouch on quality. You need a cab that can withstand being scrapped by orchard branches. To add to the list, none of the aluminum window frames have exposed seals.
  • Comfort - When you are working in a tractor all day, you want a cab that you can relax in. The PF9 Key Dollar Cab gives you just that. With charcoal-filtered fresh air delivery systems and recirculating A/C and heat, you can fine tune temperature to fit your liking. To top it all off, the cab has a noise attenuated interior, meaning you can enjoy working from a quiet cab.
PF9 Key Dollar Cab


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